Our Philosophy

In 2003 Chandra Mohini Chaturvedi started to teach a few impoverished neighbor children for an hour every day. She soon realized that teaching them for only an hour would not get them anywhere. She decided to send the children to a school for an education that would help them in the long run. Unfortunately, in the school they attended, they were ignored, beaten and shamed—mostly because they were poor. That's when she and her family decided to start their own NGO with a school specifically designed to meet the needs of poor children. This was the beginning of Hope and Joy Society for the Underprivileged and Asha Deep Vidyashram.

The initial concerns that prompted the opening of our school remain the driving force behind everything we do.

  • We believe every child deserves to have a good education.
  • We try to create a happy place where the children enjoy learning.
  • Each child is treated with respect and love.
  • The good qualities and talents of each child are recognized and encouraged.
  • Discipline is not administered out of anger, but out of concern for the child.

Along with academic and basic life skills we promote self-respect; personal disciplines such as generosity, patience, and perseverance; a sincere desire to treat others with respect and kindness; healthy means of conflict resolution; and concern for local as well as environmental and international affairs.

It is our hope that our students will be able to complete an education up to 12th grade or even above. However, we recognize that for these children to succeed, they need more than an average education. They need something that will set them apart. They must be more than puppets that can copy: they need to know how to think, ask questions, and find answers. They need an education that will enable them to change not only their personal life situation, but also the environment in which they live. We don’t want to help these children to get by; we want them to excel, to stand out like little lamps.