Building Project

the east side of the building with one floor left to build

In 2019, we got word that one of the friends of Asha Deep had passed away. She was only 52. We were shocked to learn that she had bequeathed half of her assets to our school. With her sizeable donation, we were able to purchase a 1350 sq. meter piece of land. Now, after two years of construction, the building is basically complete. Workers are now finishing the external plastering and finalizing our wheelchair ramp. Our next job will be to build steps across the front of the building and stepped seating for a small meeting area at the rear of the school. We are also planning to install solar panels during this year's summer vacation.

Our new school is located in Narottampur, a dalit (low caste) village just two kilometers south of the main city of Varanasi. It serves 43 poor families who live in Narottampur itself, as well as 20 more families who live within 2 kilometers of the school. Many of our older students remained with us through the transition, now coming about 30 minutes by bicycle or auto rickshaw to school. They represent another 41 families.

Future plans include the construction of a community center which would include a large meeting hall as well as additional rooms which could be used for adult education and training.

Our teachers with a few of the children who will probably attend our new school

Our teachers with a few of the children who will probably attend our new school

We have hired Meeta Jain to design our new building. The building will cover about 1/3 of our land. Construction is currently underway with the goal of completion in April 2023. We plan to open at the new site in July 2023.