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Issue Contents
23 march my new enwsletter row
Dec 2022 Construction Update
Nov 2022 Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, school life, exams & results, Andrew, family portraits
Oct 2022 Construction update
Sep 2022 Flood update
Aug 2022 (#2) Flood, construction update
Aug 2022 (#1) Back to full-time school, summer competition, improved teaching, new textbooks, arts classes, Vikash, Vijay, graduate statistics, construction update
Apr 2022 Corona, teacher training by Kati, back to school, Holi, foundation dug, circus skills at new site, Class of 2022
Dec 2021 completion of one term, art projects, picnic at new site, borewell video
Sep 2021 land purchase, school re-opening
Aug 2021 (#2) Saroj Sir’s family support, land, and flood updates
Aug 2021 (#1) Saroj Sir’s family support, illnesses and flood
Jul 2021 Saroj Sir, teacher training
May 2021 Covid-19 in Varanasi, Covid relief distribution
April 2021 Covid-19 effects on school, graduate update
Feb 2020 goat calendar, Shivani update, land update, homework packets and gifts, school re-opening
Dec 2020 effects of Covid-19, library upgrade, graduate classes with projector, Shivani‘s surgery
Jun 2020 building fund update, neighborhood classes
May 2020 (#2) Dreams of our own building
May 2020 (#1) Graduates, covid needs
Apr 2020 (#3) volunteers
Apr 2020 (#2) Spring Extravaganza
Apr 2020 (#1) Covid-19
Oct 2019 visit of Dutch teens, Spring Extravaganza, grant from OPS, farewell party
Mar 2019 Republic Day, science fair, eye testing, PWB, Class of 2019, CD art
Dec 2018 winter and birthday party;Dagmagpur field trip;BSF visit; lifeskills classes; vaccinations; Roshini, Anusha,
and Monu surgeries; goat calendars
Sep 2018 Illness, database, extra classes, celebrations, Monu, Ankit update, paying fees
Mar 2018 Mansi, Shivani, Maurya boys update; Spring Extravaganza
Jan 2018 financial status, participation in The Touch of Sound, Ankit’s story
Dec 2017 volunteers, Mansi and Shivani’s health, Maurya boys, Ram Nagar field trip, Shreya in Mensa, birthday party
Aug 2017 new admissions, competitions, after-school program, grads in college, FCRA, Independence Day video
Mar 2017 Spring Extravaganza
Dec 2016 volunteers, rangoli competition, Ankita, Nagwa vs. Bengali kids
Aug 2016 support received, school painting, new tables, Govinda’s broken arm, flood, Independence Day
Apr 2016 (#2) Death of Brijesh
Apr 2016 (#1) Class of 2016 Farewell Party
Mar 2016 Spring Extravaganza, Class of 2016
Dec 2015 Anil Rao, Aradhana news
Nov 2015 Siddharth Sir’s poem, Children’s Day
Sep 2015 admissions and class placement, summer competition, disappointing kids
Mar 2015 Spring Extravaganza, Anusha loses her hearing, Class of 2015
Nov 2014 Animals in school, monsoon effects, struggling kids, volunteers, Dutch art workshop, finance report
Jun 2014 Spring Extravaganza, Class of 2014
Feb 2014 School closures, Spring Extravaganza preparation, students’ father’s deaths
Oct 2013 Mosquito net and water filter distribution, meetings for teen boys, resumption of study
Aug 2013 (#2) Flood Update
Aug 2013 (#1) Flood
Jul 2013 Connie’s visit, Spring Extravaganza with video
Apr 2013 Spring Extravaganza, library and lab upgrades, Class of 2013
Mar 2013 (#2) New English Teacher found, Ankita’s surgery, Spring Extravaganza update
Mar 2013 (#1) new English teacher needed, Ankita needs surgery, Spring Extravaganza needs
Jan 2013 Cold weather, Children’s Day with Wilber Sagunaraj, Sarah’s art classes, response to the Delhi rape
Sep 2012 enrollment, volunteers, Class of 2012, children leave school to work
Apr 2012 Our first class is ready to go to high school!
Mar 2012 Spring Extravaganza
Jan 2012 Spring Extravaganza prep, PWB video, Sarah Hivner’s blog
Nov 2011 Principal at a distance, After-school program, March against corruption, Baldau Verma
Mar 2011 volunteers: parachute play, winter fun with Koreans, tree house, guitar, GROW initiative, PWB; Connie to return to US
Nov 2010 move to new location, shoe theft, exam leak, Dr. Solomon’s training
Jul 2010 enrollment, planned move
Jun 2010 Theft, PWB, Spring Extravaganza, Shining Light Scholarship, Community Change
Oct 2009 enrollment and attendance, Kids Store, volunteers, attitude toward low caste people
May 2009 general knowledge competition, Spring Extravaganza (Jeanie & Barbara)
Feb 2009 teaching methods, Spring Extravaganza prep
Sep 2008 enrollment and class placement, serving lunch, problems of assimilating new students, theft
May 2008 immunization, after-school program, Spring Extravaganza, Chandu’s update, embroidery opportunity
Mar 2008 Spring Extravaganza prep, Chandu’s story
Dec 2007 death of Harsh, PWB, Spring Extravaganza
Oct 2007 accreditation, Asha Deep gender and caste statistics, English volunteer, teacher pregnancies, kids like Asha Deep
Aug 2007 enrollment, Asha Deep’s standard
Jun 2007 donations and purchases, hiring Siddharth Sir, prep for coming year
Apr 2007 Spring Extravaganza, hopes for coming year
May 2006 Spring Extravaganza, growth of Asha Deep, prep for coming year