Our Family

Asha Deep feels much more like a family than a school. Our teachers genuinely care about each student, and our students have real respect and love for their teachers. Our volunteers, especially those who stay with us for a length of time, also become part of our family. We love them when they’re with us and miss them when they’re gone. We also value the contribution of our cooks and janitor, staff who work with a smile because they know their work helps keep our students happy and healthy. When our students graduate from Asha Deep and move on in life, they aren’t lost to us. We are in touch with them often, not only to make sure they continue to study or work, but to make sure they are doing well inside. They come to us often for advice or just to say hello. Finally, we also feel a strong kinship with our donors without whom we wouldn’t be able to function at all. Everyone who is a part of Asha Deep in any way is valued and appreciated.

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