Our Graduates

When Asha Deep started in 2004, all our students were in one class at about the kindergarten level. Each year, these students moved ahead, and new students were added at lower levels. Finally, in 2012, our oldest students were ready to pass 8th grade and move on to study high school at another local school. Thankfully, with generous support from many caring donors, we’ve been able to find sponsors so that all our graduates could continue studying beyond 8th grade. We continue to care for and guide our graduates throughout their high school years and beyond, using dedicated sponsorships to pay school fees, needed tuition costs, and purchase textbooks and school supplies. We keep in touch with all our graduates to offer advice and to make sure that they are taking advantage of the opportunity that they are being given.

Since 2012, 92 students have passed 8th grade at Asha Deep. This in itself is an achievement since the overwhelming majority of our students would not have studied beyond 5th grade (or even at all) without Asha Deep. They simply could not afford other educational options.

We have some graduates studying in 9th and 10th grades this year, so of the 92, only 85 have had a chance to pass Class 10. Of these, 74 have passed (an 87% pass rate). For some comparison, only 67% of Indian students reach the 10th class level, and, of those, 20% don't pass.

Out of 47 possible students (those who entered 11th grade and have had a chance to give 12th grade board exams), 36 of our students have passed 12th class (a 77% pass rate). The most recent data I could find showed that less than 60% of children in our state reach this level of education. Twenty-four of our graduates are still in the pipeline to take these exams.

Only our first few graduating classes would have time to complete degrees post-12th grade, so the numbers here are smaller. However, seven students have completed or are currently enrolled in a vocational training program, typically a 2-year diploma course following 12th grade. In addition, seven of our former students now have a bachelor’s degree; twelve more are currently working on one. Two of our former students have completed a master’s degree; two more are working on one.

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Our Graduating Classes

Class Of 2012

Kaushal, Kavita, Manish, Aradhana, Chandra Shekhar,Deepa, Gopalji, Sandhya, Abhimanyu

Class Of 2013

Pratibha Ma’am, Suraj, Suman, Karan, Anjali, Govind,Ravi, Sonu, Rohit, Rahul

Class Of 2014

Jyoti K, Rekha, Pankaj, Anusha, Usha Ma’am, Pratibha Ma’am, Golu,Poonam, Jyoti V, Sanjay, Umesh

Class Of 2015

Pratibha Ma’am, Sanjay, Radha, Ajay, Alok, Vikash, Aditya,Sunil, Suman, Anant, Usha Ma’am

Class Of 2016

Rinki, Sunita, Sandeep, Anuradha, Vikrant, Neha, Chanda, Shweta,Priya, Arjun

Class Of 2017

Pinky, Lalita, Vijay, Ravi, Litan

Class Of 2018

Abhishek, Mithun, Shivani, Vivek, Sandeep, Prince, Ankita, Piyush,Abhay, Sagar, Ashish, Shweta, Ankit, Sanju, Priyanshi, Shubham, Sadhana

Class Of 2019

Abhishek, Mithun, Shivani, Vivek, Sandeep, Prince, Ankita,Piyush, Abhay, Sagar, Ashish, Shweta, Ankit, Sanju, Priyanshi, Shubham, Sadhana

Class Of 2020

Ajay, Annu, Deepak, Khushboo, Krishna, Manish, Manvi, Sheetal

Class Of 2022

Soni, Ayush, Suruchi, Mithun, Poonam

How To Sponsor a Graduate

When our students complete 8th grade, we sign a contract with them which states what our responsibilities are and what the student’s responsibilities are. From our side, we agree to pay all school fees, any needed tuition fees, and provide any needed textbooks and school supplies as long as the student keeps their end of the bargain. Their responsibilities including paying a minimal monthly fee of Rs. 200 (USD 2.50), attending school and tuition regularly, and keeping their primary focus on studies.

Sponsors typically choose which graduate they would like to sponsor. We ask for only a one-year commitment, although it is helpful if sponsors can continue their support for four years, until their student completes 12th grade. Sponsorships amounts vary depending on school, year (9/10th grade is cheaper than 11th/12th grade), and which course of study their student chooses (commerce stream fees are typically less than science stream fees for example). Amounts typically range from $300-800 per year. Paying a half-scholarship is possible. Contributions can be made on a monthly or yearly basis

If you are interested in learning more, click here to write an email to our principal, Connie Rao. She will write to you personally about current sponsorship opportunities and answer any questions you may have.